Volun2rism is Fundación Santiago’s invitation to unleash the spirit of service, in each and every one of us, within the context of a Community Based Heritage Tourism approach.

The FS Volun2rism Program offers both standard and tailor-fit packages wherein travelers have a unique opportunity to share their time, talent, technology & treasure with those who have less in life, while experiencing our country’s Culture and Heritage as well as enjoying moments of rest & recreation.

Fundación Santiago implements its Volun2rism Program in partnership with grassroots Peoples’ Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and Local Government Units. Paraphrasing the tag line of the Department of Tourism, we are happy to say that “Volun2rism is Twice the Fun in the Philippines”.
Ilocos Sur
Learn traditional pottery from the best artisans of the region while attending to the medical needs of far flung communities. Flavor the local empanadas by Plaza Salcedo and be part of a feeding/nutrition program.
Built homes for relocated informal settlers and take a walk back in time by the cobbled stones of Intramuros. Read stories to the little ones in a Public library and listen to the life-long stories of the senior residents.
Help develop the future Filipino football stars while finding your way up to a volcano’s crater on horseback. Join hands in cleaning-up a beach or beautifying a light house in the company of a spectacular Sunset.
Discover the wisdom of the indigenous people, their notion of time & space and share their poetry to the world by translating it into your own language, twitting it throughout to friends and broadcasting it over the Social Media to the entire planet.
Enjoy a homestay in a farmland or by the banks of a river and practice organic farming. Initiate yourself into traditional weaving as you help open avenues for fair trade for the local cooperative. Design livelihood projects that will ensure the survival of endangered species